Drinking water is water that can be supplied directly to the human body without treatment

Drinking water is water that can be supplied directly to the human body for drinking without treatment Water is the main component of body fluids, and is an important substance that constitutes cells, tissue fluids, plasma, and so on. Water serves as a medium for all chemical reactions in the body and is a platform for the transportation of various nutrients and substances.

1、Pure water for drinking and mineral water
Source water → crude filtration → fine filtration → deionization purification (ion exchange, reverse osmosis, distillation and other processing methods) (for drinking water) → ingredients (for mineral water) → sterilization → [bottles (barrels) and their caps cleaning and disinfecting →] filling and capping → light inspection → finished products
2, drinking natural mineral water and other packaged drinking water
Source water → coarse filtration → fine filtration → sterilization → [cleaning and disinfection of bottles (barrels) and their lids →] filling and capping → light inspection → finished products
Pure water
Pure water and human traditional drinking water has the principle difference, its advantages are: no bacteria, no viruses, clean and hygienic; pure water contains a very small amount of trace elements, but the human body needs to supplement the minerals mainly from food, absorbed from the water only 1%.
Pure water is generally distilled water, does not contain any minerals, no bacteria, impurities. Pure water is just water, a collection of water molecules, ph = 7. It is mainly for microelectronics, astronauts and other high-end environment. For the human body, drinking pure water is not necessary, in fact, after filling, transportation, pipeline transportation, etc., drink to the mouth is not pure water. In fact, after filling, transportation, piping, etc., it is no longer pure water in the mouth. Besides, people have a hobby of brewing tea, so it may be better to drink from some mountain springs.
Mineral water
Moderate minerals is healthy water. For example: drinking water iodide content in 0.02 ~ 0.05 mg / liter when beneficial to the human body, greater than 0.05 mg / liter will trigger iodine poisoning.
Pure water with minerals The method of adding minerals artificially to pure water has been used by many drinking water producers. However, some producers by adding sodium hydroxide and other chemicals to release sodium and potassium cations, so that the water, its PH value will be higher than pure water, but the addition of sodium hydroxide does not meet the requirements of safe drinking water, which is a strong alkaline substances, not food nor food additives.
Natural water The PH value of natural water is generally between 7.0-8.0, which is weakly alkaline; the human body can maintain the body to keep weakly alkaline by drinking it for a long time. Various animal experiments have proved that natural water can improve the tolerance of mice to hypoxia and fatigue, and enhance the body's antioxidant aging ability.
Tap water
Tap water is a kind of natural water, which is safe water and also contains beneficial minerals in natural drinking water, and is water that conforms to the physiological functions of the human body. However, there are pipe network aging, residual chlorine and other secondary pollution. If the depth of purification, not lose a more popular health water.
Pseudoscientific water
"Alkaline water, small molecule water, active water, oxygen-rich water, electrolytic water, ionized water," these are the businessman made up or the pseudo-scientific concept.
Boiled water
The source of boiled water is municipal tap water, which has different pH values depending on the local water quality. We recommend that you leave the lid on the kettle for about 3 minutes after the water has boiled to allow the acidity and harmful substances in the water to evaporate with the steam. And it is best to drink the boiled water on the same day, not overnight.
Mountain spring water
Mountain spring water is natural drinking water that flows through unpolluted mountainous areas and is formed by the self-purification of the mountains. Water may come from the rain, or from the underground, exposed to the surface or in the surface of the shallow flow, by the mountains and vegetation layer by layer filtration and flow at the same time, but also dissolved in the human body is beneficial to the mineral composition, belongs to the soft water, is more ideal for drinking water, its mineral content is not as high as mineral water for all stages of the population to drink, especially children due to the body's water needs, high mineral content of water is not conducive to human infiltration Absorption of water.

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