Stainless steel insulated cup tailless vacuum technology

Tailless vacuum is one of the most advanced process technologies at home and abroad, which means that vessels are controlled by computers to complete the process of suction, sealing, and cooling under vacuum environmental conditions. The stainless steel vacuum vessels sold in the market are generally divided into two different process technologies due to the different vacuum pumping techniques: tube vacuum with tail vacuum and integral vacuum without tail vacuum.

Traditional insulated cup

The traditional insulated cup is made of two layers of stainless steel inside and outside, with a vacuum drawn in the middle to isolate and transmit heat. Therefore, there is an exhaust tail at the bottom of the cup liner, which is extremely easy to damage. Therefore, tailless vacuum technology was born. Tailless vacuum technology uses a special process to weld the glass mouth, so there is no pointed exhaust tail, avoiding damage to the cup liner caused by the exhaust tail.

Product features

The stainless steel vacuum vessels produced by this technology have the following characteristics:
Long insulation time
Due to vacuum pumping and sealing at nearly 1000 ℃, if the vacuum degree is the same as that with tail vacuum, when the product returns to room temperature, its vacuum degree will be much higher than that with tail vacuum.
Large effective capacity
Due to the absence of a tail vacuum like a mouse tail, there is no need to set up a tail hiding room, resulting in a large effective space. Compared to products with the same appearance volume as "tail vacuum", "tailless vacuum" products have much larger effective internal space.
Long service life
The "tail vacuum" adopts the "pressure sealing technology", which cannot fully guarantee sealing at the micro level. The "tailless vacuum" uses "fusion sealing technology", which melts the solder at high temperature and seals the suction hole, ensuring long-term non deflation and no air leakage. The overall vacuum extraction - "tailless vacuum" equipment is a large-scale equipment with high automation level and high product quality level, so the cost is also expensive. Moreover, the management and use of technology are complex and difficult to master. The power consumption of a single product is several times higher than that of "vacuum with tail", so only a few domestic enterprises fully master and use this technology. However, due to the high level of technology, it will inevitably become the development direction of stainless steel vacuum vessel production technology and the technical conditions for consumer pursuit of products.