The 7 best times of day to drink water

Water is an important component of the human body, one can go three days without eating, but not three days without drinking. The importance of drinking water is self-evident. The water needed by the human body is best directly quoted from the white water supplement.
Normal daily intake of water for 2000ml ~ 2500ml. too little, the body's waste metabolism does not go out, affecting health; too much, it will increase the burden on the kidneys.


Drinking water also has the best time to drink wate
1, get up in the morning a glass of water: the best time is 6:30 in the morning. have the effect of detoxification.
The first glass of water in the morning is very important, can moisturize the bowels.
And after a night's sleep, the human body lost about four hundred and fifty milliliters of water, the morning up in time to replenish.
2, to the office: the best time is 8:30 am.
On the way to work to consume more water, can supplement the role of body water.
3, one hour before lunch: the best time is 11:00 a.m., replenishment of water points to moisturize the intestinal tract.
Drinking water before lunch can mobilize the appetite, regulate the concentration of inorganic salt in the body, and reduce the body thirst caused by excessive salt intake after meals.
4, 40 minutes after lunch. The best time is 12:50 pm , can achieve the role of weight loss.
Drinking water after meals can promote digestion and help the digestion and absorption of food.
5, afternoon tea time: the best time is 15:00 p.m., can refresh your mind.
At this time the work is a little tired, you can drink a cup of hot tea, that is, refreshing and revitalizing the brain, but also to resist radiation.
6, before work: the best time is 17:30 pm.
This time can increase the sense of satiety, but also to avoid overeating at dinner.
7, a glass of water before dinner: the best time is 22:00 in the evening have detoxification, excretion, digestion, enhance blood circulation.
There has been said that it is not advisable to drink water before going to bed, because drinking water before going to bed will cause the next day face edema. But in fact, drinking a small amount of water before going to bed will not cause edema. Water will be discharged from the body through sweating and breathing. And drinking water before going to bed can also regulate blood viscosity and improve blood circulation. The amount of water before going to bed can be appropriately reduced to reduce nocturia.