80% of human diseases are related to water, and drinking high-quality drinking water is beneficial for health and longevity.

Due to global water pollution, drinking unclean water has become the largest hidden killer of human health

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), over 2100 types of pollutants have been identified in water so far. Although the content of these harmful pollutants to human health is not very high, due to long-term consumption, these harmful substances accumulate in the human body, ultimately affecting people's lives and health; Diseases caused by drinking water account for 80% of human diseases; More than 40 diseases transmitted by water have yet to be effectively controlled worldwide. Every year, 25 million children worldwide fall ill and die from drinking contaminated water. 60% of the illnesses and sub-health status of urban residents in China are related to water pollution
Statistics show that:
1.2 billion people worldwide suffer from various diseases due to drinking contaminated water, with a prevalence rate of up to 20%;
80% of global diseases are caused by contaminated drinking water;
50% of global cancers are caused by unclean drinking water;
50% of global child deaths are caused by contaminated drinking water;
More than 50 million people worldwide suffer from cholera and dysentery caused by water pollution.
Diseases caused by drinking water pollution are widespread.
Strengthen research on toxic substances in drinking water, with over 10000 chemicals detected in water, including over 100 carcinogens and carcinogens.