Fundamentally, water is the source of life, and we can't even live without drinking it. But staying well hydrated is also essential for our daily health and well-being.

The nutritional value of water
In terms of nutrition, pure water does not contain calories. This alone is enough to become a reason for consuming more water.
Unlike all other consumer beverages, water is not a source of carbohydrates, proteins, or fats. Its only function is to hydrate you, you can drink a lot without worrying about weight gain.

1The Benefits of Five Waters in Science
Water has many benefits for your health, so it is impossible to list all the benefits in this article. However, there are 5 reliable benefits of scientific and academic support here, including the benefits for your health and why you should always maintain adequate hydration.
Drinking water can help you maintain your best state of mind
If you don't drink enough water, your physical performance will be affected. In fact, even if you only lose 2% of your water, your body will still be severely affected. The direct result of this may be fatigue, loss of temperature control, lack of motivation, etc., and from a psychological and physical perspective, exercising can also feel more difficult.
On the other hand, studies have shown that good hydration can not only prevent the occurrence of the above situation, but also reduce oxidative stress caused by high-intensity activities. When you think that water accounts for 80% of muscles, it definitely makes sense. So it's important to maintain sufficient hydration to maintain optimal physical condition.

2. Water is beneficial for brain function
Your hydration level also has a significant impact on your brain function. Research has shown that even moderate dehydration of 1-2% (reduced water in the body) can damage many functions of the brain.. This was emphasized in a study conducted by the University of Connecticut on young women. Research has shown that women with a loss of 1.36% after exercise experience symptoms such as lack of concentration, low mood, and increased frequency of headaches.
A similar study involving young men also showed that 1.59% water loss increases feelings of fatigue and anxiety, and reduces working memory.
Drinking water may help prevent and treat headaches
This is related to one point, as it also demonstrates the importance of water for brain function. Dehydration is often the root cause of many people's migraines. However, new research suggests that drinking water can effectively treat or even prevent the occurrence of headaches.
4. Water can provide nutrition for your body
Although pure water itself does not contain any nutrients, it can absorb some minerals and pass them on to your body. For example, bottled mineral water sometimes contains healthy minerals that the human body needs, such as sodium, magnesium, and calcium.
Just make sure you read the label and understand the exact mineral content of bottled mineral water.

5. Water helps your body regulate temperature
Water excels in absorbing and transferring heat within the body. In fact, this is also the main way for the human body to regulate temperature.
The heat capacity of water is relatively high, which means that the water in every cell of your body can serve as a barrier against sudden temperature changes. That's why professionals always recommend drinking more water in hot climates or environments..